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Role of hydroxyethylcellulose(HEC) in cosmetics

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Hydroxyethylcellulose: also known as (HEC) is a white or light yellow, odourless, non-toxic fibrous or powdered solid. HEC has been widely used in medical and cosmetic applications due to its properties of thickening, suspending, dispersing, emulsifying, binding, film-forming, protecting against moisture and providing protective colloids.

Hydroxyethylcellulose is widely used in oil extraction, construction, medicine and food, textiles and attainment. In cosmetics, it is used in many face masks, face washes and shampoos. It is mostly used as a thickening agent and emulsifier.
The molecular weight of the elements in cosmetics, natural synthetics, artificial synthetics, etc. vary and require the addition of solubilisers to get the most out of all the ingredients. The solubility and viscosity properties of hydroxyethyl cellulose work to their full potential and remain in balance. It keeps cosmetics in place and does not delaminate during hot and cold seasons.
In addition, it has moisturising properties and is commonly found in cosmetics for moisturising products. In particular, it is added to face masks, toners and almost all other products. However, it should be noted that hydroxyethyl cellulose can be irritating and stinging to the eyes if it is accidentally introduced into the eyes.

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