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To indentify the quality of HPMC from China

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Now HPMC from China is popular in the international trade because of its low price and good performance on the building materials. However, there are always some friends who will buy unsatisfied HPMC because of the complexity of this product. Now let me briefly talk about what determines the quality of the product.

 1. Raw materials. There are two types of raw materials for cellulose ethers in the market. One is cotton and the other is wood fiber. The source of wood fiber is wider and the price is lower. You pay for what you pay for. So easy to see products made from cotton are preferred. Although the final product of wood fibers has a better appearance, Products made from wood fibers generally have poor viscosity and poor water retention. The raw materials of Landcel's products are refined cotton. Good raw materials ensure the quality of the final product.
2. Degree of substitution, this indicates the degree of progress of the reaction, which directly determines the final performance of the product. General products are divided into three types: low, medium and high
3. Gel temperature, I believe many people who have used Landcel products know that the gel temperature of our products belongs to the top series.

As for the appearance of the product, people often say that a good appearance is a good product. I deeply agree with this, but the glass is not a diamond  no matter how falsh it is. A good product depends on the core. Choose HPMC Landcel is always right.

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