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The common ways to dissolve normal HPMC

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HPMC without surface treatment do not dissolve in hot water above 85, but can swell and disperse in hot water. Usually, the following methods are used:

1.Take about 1/5-1/3 of the required amount of hot water, stir to completely swell the added product, and then add the remaining part of the water, which can be cold water, or even ice water, and stir to a suitable temperature.
2.Prepare all the required amount of hot water and add it to this product and stir it continuously, and cool it under stirring until it reaches the appropriate temperature, and it can be completely dissolved. Use hot water to dissolve the cellulose. It must be cooled sufficiently to achieve complete dissolution and form an ideal transparency, the required temperature depends on the type of cellulose.
3.Dry mix and dispersion This product can be effectively dispersed by dry mixture before adding water, that is, it is used in formulas containing other powders in the component, first uniformly dispersed, and then water is added to quickly dissolve without clumping
4.Organic solvent wetting method .First disperse the product in an organic solvent or wet it with an organic solvent, and then add it to cold water or add cold water to it, it can also be dissolved well, and the organic solvent can be ethanol, ethylene glycol, etc.
5.Directly added during the production process.In a container equipped with high-speed stirring, first add water, while stirring continuously, add the product slowly and evenly, and stir until the product is completely dissolved

Anyway the final solution is always the results of the HPMC, Landcel HPMC offer you good fitness and perfect whiteness, which will help the final products to be more stable


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