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RDP Mostly based on vinyl acetate and ethylene. It dissolves in water easily and quickly forms emulsion .It has high adhesion, water resistance, processability and heat insulation,.It is mainly used into the cement mortar as additive of building industrial.

Re-dispersible polymer powder produced by spray-drying special  water-based emulsion, mostly based on vinyl acetate-based ethylene(VAE), then obtained a free flowing organic polymer powder. It can re-disperse in water and form a film after water evaporation by coalescence of individual polymer particles. The film acts as an organic binder, to glue together different substrates, reinforce mortar structure and provide excellent adhesion at cement or gypsum based dry-mixed mortar substrate interface.

Redispersible polymer powder is a water soluble redispersible powder, which can quickly dispersed into emulsion after contact with water, It is organic polymer which is combines by aqueous emulsions with internal and external additive, protective colloid, anti-agglomerating agent etc raw materials

after spray-drying process.

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