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How to use HPMC

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(Hydroxypropyl)methyl cellulose is a thickener for aqueous and non-aqueous systems, clear films with grease resistance,binders,lubricants, steric stabilizer and water retention aid. Dissolves in water, undergoes reversible gelation upon heating, non-ionic, does not complex with ionic species and is surface actuce and enzyme resistant. Solutions are pseudoplastic.

The product is soluble in water and organic solvents, exhibiting thickening, water binding, thermal gelation, surface activity, film formation, surface activity, enzyme resistance, pH-stability, non-ionic, and non-caloric characteristics.It is  widely used as a thickener, stabilizer and water retaining agent for building materials. It provide water retention and workability for mortars, also improve adhesion,reduce skinning and increase open time.

HPMC Applications

1.  used as adhesives, thickeners, water-binding agents, emulsifiers, film-forming reagents,dispersing agents  and  stabilizers in the pharmaceutical industry

2.  used as adhesive and water-binding agents in building industry.

3.  used as thickeners, dispersing agents and stabilizers in paint, printing and ink industry.

4.  used in plastic industry for forming release agents, softeners, lubricants and so on.

5.  used in the leather and paper industries, fruit and vegetable fresh-maintaining and textile industry and so on.

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