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HPMC for Tile Mortars and Grouts

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Tile adhesives are cement and/or polymer dispersion-based systems. The rheological additives used for these are mainly cellulose ethers, which provide the right consistency for the application, sag resistance of wall tiles, water retention for the optimum hardening of cement, and the control of open/correction times.

Tile Mortars and Grouts may be combined with cellulose ether to improve the sag resistance and workability of the tile adhesive rheologically, the products generates a stronger internal network, thus increasing the value of the tile adhesives to prevent sagging

LD1822 of Landcel offers excellent sag resistance to this point. Moreover, the final products with LD1822 is with good water rentention, which significantly improves the workablities

In one word, for Tile Mortars and Grouts a good HPMC is a must, while LANCEL will help you for this.


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