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HPMC for Self-leveling

Landcel products gives the rheology and workability of the full range of flooring formulations.

HPMC for Self-leveling manufacturers

Landcel products gives the rheology and workability of the full range of flooring formulations. Improves ease of on-site application and ensuring exceptionally smooth, defect-free surfaces.

HPMC for Self-leveling Typical application

- Industrial and residential flooring

- Cement based self-leveling materials and screeds

- Gypsum based floorings

- Pumpable and hand-applied self-leveling materials


HPMC for Self-leveling Advantage

- Increased leveling, surface aesthetics and abrasion resistance

- Improves flexural and tensile bond strength on various substrates

- Against bleeding and segregation

HPMC for Self-leveling Recommendation

Product type Viscosity
MH 400 400 ●●●


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