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Better HPMC from Landcel, Better construction for the world

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Hebei Landcel is one of the most active player in Cellulose ether industry, we dedicate to supply high quality Cellulose Ether (HPMC, HEMC, CMC), Starch Ether (Hydroxy Propyl Starch), RDP (Redispersible Polymer Powder) for tile adhesive, skim coat and all kinds of cement based and gypsum based dry mix mortars, emulsion paint, detergent etc.

Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose and Methylcellulose are water soluble ethers with excellent performance,which is also the best value effective in the market, it is suitable for building coatings as retarders, water-retaining additives, thickeners and binders. HPMC have already been used in plaster, cement, lime and mortar. In cement proportion, it function as a retarder and water-retaining agent; while in concrete composition and mortar, it can improve the viscosity and shrinkage, strengthen the bond force, control the setting time of structural grade cement, increase the initial strength and bending strength. Since it has the function of water retention, it can reduce the loss of water on the concrete surface, avoid cracks on the edge, and improve adhesion and construction performance.

When the HPMC of Landcel is apllied in construction, it can extend and adjust the setting time, increase the workability and pumpability of cement and gypsum composition, suitable for mechanized construction to increase the construction efficiency and help prevent weathering of water-soluble salts on the building surface.

In one word, Better HPMC from Landcel Better construction for the world.

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